Top 8 Olympus USB Cable UK – USB Cables

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1. DragonTrading

Works with Olympus model SP310, SP-310, SP500UZ, SP510UZ, SP320, SP700, SP560UZ, SP590UZ, SP-320 and SP-350 by DragonTrading®, SP570UZ, SP550UZ, SP565UZ, SP350, High Grade, USB CABLE CB-USB5/CB-USB6, USB cable for Olympus Digital Cameras

DragonTrading - Suits: olympus fe-4020, sz-12, tg-860, 6020, tg-810, sz-31mr, sz-14, sh-1, tg-620, mju 7050, dz-105, tg-610, sp-720uz, fe-4030, tough 3000, 8010, tg-835, sh-21, sz-11, x-960, sz-17, tg-3, sz-10, mju 7040, xz-1, tg-320, stylus 5010 / 7030 / 7040, sp-800uz, sp-100ee, sp-100, sh-2, tg-850, sz-30mr, tg-820, x-940, fe-5030, mju 9010, sh-50, sp-810uz, tg-4, sz-16, sp-620uz, fe-4040, xz-2, sh-60, tg-310, sz-20, tg-805, tg-1, XZ-10 Digital Camera etc.

The usb cable is for image transfer from your camera to computer, this cable can be also used with the supplied wall charger to charge your battery. Also works with Olympus model listed. 1 meter length. Black in colour.
Height0.5 cm (0.2 Inches)
Length10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Width5 cm (1.97 Inches)
Part NumberDragonTrading®

2. Olympus

Olympus CB-USB11 USB Cable for E-M1 Mark II, Black

Olympus - Cb-usb11 usb cable for e-m1 Mark II. For use with om_d e-M1 Mark II. Ideal for Tethered Shooting. Standard length.
Height0.5 cm (0.2 Inches)
Length20 cm (7.87 Inches)
Weight0.06 kg (0.13 Pounds)
Width4 cm (1.57 Inches)
Part NumberCB-USB11


Evolt E-420, Evolt E-410, Evolt E410, EVolt E-330, Evolt E500, Evolt E420, Evolt E-510 and Evolt E-520, USB cable for Olympus Digital Cameras, 12 Month Warranty, High Grade, USB CABLE CB-USB5/CB-USB6 – Works with Olympus model EVolt E330, Evolt E520, Evolt E510, Evolt E-500, AAA Products

AAA PRODUCTS - Make plug and play connections. Works with olympus model evolt e330, evolt e-500, evolt e-420, evolt e520, evolt e500, evolt e-330, Evolt E420, evolt e510, Evolt E410, evolt e-410, Evolt E-510 and Evolt E-520. Also works with olympus model c170, stylus 600, d630 zoom, sp590uz, e-410, mju-6000, d-545, mju-1200, sp-310, stylus 1040, mju820, sp-570uz, sp320, sp-560uz, sp510uz, sp-320, sp570uz, mju-760, evolt e510, mjµ725 sw, d-435, c180, c7000, d545, fe120, sp560uz, mjµ1010, mjµ-810, mjµ700, mju6000, mju-7000, evolt e420, sp-510uz, evolt e520, stylus 710, evolt e-330, mju9000, c-180, mju770 sw, mjµ710, mjµ-750, sp550uz, sp565uz, stylus 7000, evolt e-500, mjµ1060 sw, e330, stylus tough 8000, sp320, sp590uz, mjµ mini digital, fe-120, fe-5500, stylus 500, mju830, fe200, fe-130, sp350, mjµ-700, c-500 zoom, d595 zoom, sp-700, d-425, mju-790 sw, c-7000, e420, mjµ730, stylus 850, c500 zoom, evolt e330, sp350, c-170, mjµ740, evolt e500, c-480, stylus 770 sw, sp550uz, e-520, sp700, stylus 750, stylus 800, stylus 1050 sw, sp-550uz, mju-830, mjµ1000, mjµ40, mjµ-1050 sw, stylus 550 wp, sp-350, sp510uz, fe5500, mjµ-1040, sp560uz, mjµ-720, mjµ1030 sw, mju840, d435, d-630 zoom, mjµ750, stylus tough 6000, mjµ810, sp565uz, stylus 780 sw, mjµ-730, sp570uz, mjµ-1030 sw, e-500, evolt e410, sp310, stylus 790 sw, stylus 820, stylus 740, mjµ mini s digital, sp500uz, e-330, mju-850, mju760, stylus 730, stylus 830, stylus 1030 sw, sp700, Stylus 810, e-510, fe-200, SP-565UZ, mjµ1040, E410, mju780, sp-500uz, mju850, mjµ1050 sw, E-420, mjµ-600, stylus 1010, mju8000, mjµ-725 sw, mjµ-500, mju1200, stylus 1020, mjµ600, c-5500 sportzoom, SP-590UZ, evolt e-510, stylus 725 sw, mju-820, e510, fe140, mjµ800, D425, mju-8000, fe130, stylus 760, Evolt E-520, mju-9000, mjµ-710, mjµ-1000, e520, stylus 1000, stylus 700, stylus 9000, mju7000, mju-770 sw, mjµ1020, c480, mjµ-1010, mjµ-1020, stylus 720 sw, SP310, mjµ-800, d-595 zoom, mjµ-740, mjµ500, mju-780, mju790 sw, evolt e-420, sp500uz, evolt e-410, mjµ-40, c5500, e500, mjµ720, fe-140, mju-840, Stylus Verve and Stylus Verve.

Transfer rates up to 480Mbps depending on USB version.
ManufacturerAAA Products
Part NumberAAA093005


E-P5, E-PL7, E-P2, AAA PRODUCTS | USB cable for Olympus Pen E-P1, E-PL3, E-PM2, E-PL2, E-PL6, E-PL5, E-PL8, E-PM1, E-PL1, PEN‑F Camera, Length: 4.9ft / 1.5M, E-P3

AAA PRODUCTS - That's why we back them all with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support. A cable you can count on: Constructed with multiple layers of shielding to minimize interference. We believe in our products. Works with olympus pen e-p1, e-pm2, e-p2, e-p5, e-pl6, e-p3, e-pl2, e-pl3, e-pl1, e-pl8, e-pm1, e-pl7, e-pl5, PEN‑F Camera. Perfect fit: compact, heat-resistant, stainless steel connector heads slot in easily but securely and fit most cases. Length = 4. 9ft / 1. 5m.
ManufacturerAAA Products
Part NumberAAA093012


High Grade, USB cable for Olympus Digital Cameras – USB CABLE CB-USB5/CB-USB6

AAA PRODUCTS - Make plug and play connections. Transfer rates up to 480Mbps depending on USB version. Also works with olympus model c170, mjµ-1020, mju850, sp-500uz, fe200, sp-560uz, e500, d-630 zoom, mju-6000, mjµ-800, mju-850, stylus 740, evolt e-420, stylus 780 sw, mju-770 sw, sp700, sp-310, stylus tough 6000, fe-200, stylus 725 sw, stylus 1000, mju-820, mjµ1030 sw, stylus 500, sp320, fe-130, stylus 710, c-180, sp-510uz, stylus 790 sw, mju820, sp565uz, sp-570uz, stylus 600, mjµ725 sw, stylus 830, mjµ-700, c5500, e420, mju770 sw, sp550uz, stylus 7000, mju-830, mju830, mjµ-40, mjµ1040, sp565uz, mjµ710, evolt e510, mju-8000, mjµ40, mjµ-1030 sw, evolt e420, mju-7000, sp310, sp350, mjµ mini s digital, mjµ1000, mjµ1050 sw, d595 zoom, mju-9000, d545, sp-320, mjµ800, sp500uz, stylus 760, evolt e-510, stylus 820, mju790 sw, sp570uz, c7000, mjµ-500, sp500uz, e-330, sp510uz, stylus 1010, sp590uz, stylus 1050 sw, sp350, mjµ1020, fe130, mju-1200, mju8000, d-425, c480, mju9000, evolt e-410, stylus 770 sw, mjµ-1040, mju840, mjµ720, stylus 750, sp590uz, mjµ1010, mjµ-730, sp550uz, mjµ1060 sw, stylus 730, d425, e510, stylus 1040, evolt e330, mjµ500, c-500 zoom, mju1200, evolt e520, mjµ730, fe-120, mjµ-750, sp-350, mjµ810, mjµ mini digital, fe140, d-545, mjµ-1000, e-420, mju7000, fe-140, stylus 810, sp-565uz, e520, sp510uz, mjµ-810, mju780, evolt e-520, Stylus 720 SW, evolt e500, sp-590uz, e-510, stylus 1030 sw, mjµ600, stylus 700, evolt e-330, C-5500 SportZoom, mjµ-710, sp700, d435, mju-780, sp560uz, c-480, sp310, mjµ-1010, d630 zoom, D-595 Zoom, mju-760, sp560uz, fe-5500, sp320, stylus 550 wp, c500 zoom, mju-790 sw, c180, d-435, mjµ-725 sw, mju6000, SP570UZ, mju-840, E330, fe120, e-410, E-520, c-7000, e410, mju760, mjµ-720, stylus tough 8000, mjµ-740, evolt e410, stylus 9000, mjµ750, mjµ700, mjµ-1050 sw, fe5500, Stylus 850, sp-700, e-500, mjµ740, stylus 1020, mjµ-600, stylus 800, evolt e-500, sp-550uz, c-170, Stylus Verve and Stylus Verve.

ManufacturerAAA Products
Part NumberAAA092901

6. DragonTrading

Only Supports Charging in Select models for Select Camedia / Creator / Evolt / Mju / Pen / Stylus / Tough / Traveller Series Digital Camera Models Stated Below by DragonTrading®, Olympus CB-USB5 / CB-USB6 USB Cable Cord Lead For Image Transfer / Battery Charger

DragonTrading - Suits: olympus fe-4020, sz-31mr, tough 3000, sh-21, tg-820, tg-4, dz-105, sp-800uz, sz-11, tg-810, sh-1, fe-5030, 6020, sp-100ee, sp-720uz, sz-17, tg-610, 8010, mju 7040, fe-4040, sp-100, tg-310, tg-850, sz-16, mju 9010, tg-860, sh-2, sp-620uz, fe-4030, sz-10, x-940, sz-14, sz-12, stylus 5010 / 7030 / 7040, sh-50, sz-20, tg-1, tg-320, SH-60, x-960, tg-805, sp-810uz, tg-3, tg-835, mju 7050, tg-620, xz-2, xz-1, sz-30mr, XZ-10 Digital Camera etc. Black in colour. Also works with olympus model c170, stylus 750, mjµ-700, mjµ40, sp590uz, d545, evolt e510, stylus 710, stylus tough 8000, mju760, evolt e500, d-595 zoom, mjµ-710, mju-760, mju-9000, mju770 sw, mju-780, mju850, mjµ-1010, mjµ-810, mjµ1050 sw, mjµ730, fe130, sp350, e-500, evolt e520, sp-560uz, mjµ-1050 sw, mjµ-800, stylus 1010, mjµ-600, sp-590uz, sp-500uz, c-7000, sp500uz, mjµ500, stylus 500, stylus 790 sw, c7000, sp565uz, mju1200, mjµ740, c500 zoom, mju830, mjµ-720, sp-310, mju-6000, mjµ1030 sw, sp310, mju-8000, mju-7000, fe200, sp-565uz, stylus tough 6000, d595 zoom, e-420, mju-850, sp-320, e-330, stylus 1040, stylus 770 sw, sp570uz, mjµ725 sw, sp550uz, evolt e-500, stylus 1050 sw, mjµ1020, d-425, mjµ-750, d435, e330, mju-1200, stylus 1030 sw, mju790 sw, mjµ-730, mju9000, sp510uz, mjµ1060 sw, sp-350, d425, d-435, fe5500, stylus 1000, stylus 820, stylus 830, c180, stylus 9000, sp560uz, evolt e-420, c-500 zoom, mju-830, mju8000, mjµ810, sp-700, evolt e330, c480, mjµ-40, e510, fe120, stylus 7000, mjµ600, evolt e-410, mju-790 sw, fe-130, c-5500 sportzoom, fe-140, sp320, fe-120, evolt e-510, fe140, sp320, evolt e-330, sp565uz, stylus 780 sw, sp350, c-180, fe-5500, e-510, e520, stylus 1020, mju-840, mju-820, e-520, mju820, fe-200, mjµ mini digital, c-480, mjµ-1020, c-170, stylus 725 sw, evolt e410, sp310, mjµ710, evolt e420, stylus 700, d630 zoom, mju-770 sw, SP560UZ, evolt e-520, mjµ-1000, stylus 740, c5500, d-545, sp510uz, stylus 800, mju780, mjµ1010, Stylus 720 SW, mjµ-500, mjµ-1040, mjµ1040, mju840, SP-570UZ, E420, sp550uz, SP590UZ, e410, mjµ1000, SP500UZ, mjµ-725 sw, stylus 730, d-630 zoom, mju6000, mjµ700, mjµ720, mjµ-1030 sw, mjµ800, Stylus 600, Stylus 850, mju7000, mjµ750, e-410, stylus 760, Stylus 810, sp700, sp570uz, e500, sp-510uz, stylus 550 wp, sp-550uz, mjµ mini s digital, mjµ-740, sp700, Stylus Verve and Stylus Verve.

The usb cable is for image transfer from your camera to computer, this cable can be also used with the supplied wall charger to charge your battery. 1 meter length.
Part NumberDragonTrading®

7. Dragon Trading

Replacement for Olympus KP-22, Length: 1.0m by Dragon Trading®, USB Cable for Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

Dragon Trading - Quality dragon Trading Branded Cable. 1 metre Black Cable. For ls, ds, dm, vn-pc Series. Olympus kp-22 is a replacement USB cable for certain digital voice recorders. Suitable for charging and data transfer.
BrandDragon Trading
Height0.8 cm (0.31 Inches)
Length11 cm (4.33 Inches)
Width3.5 cm (1.38 Inches)


Olympus CB-USB5 / CB-USB6 USB Cable Cord Lead For Image Transfer / Supports Charging only in Select models for Select Camedia / Creator / Mju / Mju Tough / Pen / Traveller Digital Camera

L-FENG-UK - Part number for olympus CB-USB5/CB-USB6. Compatible & # x202 °f; this olympus sp-310 sp-320/sp-350/sp-500 uz/sp-500z/sp-510 uz/sp-550/sp-560 uz sp-565 uz/sp-570 uz/sp-700/mju 500/600/700/710/720/720 sw/725/730/740/750/760/770 sw/780/790 sw/800/810/820/830/840/850 sw/1000/1010/1020/1040/1050 sw/1060/1200 series e-330/evolt e-410 1030 sw/e-500/e-510/c-170/c-180/c-480/c-500/c-5500 sport zoom c-7000 zoom/features/d-435, FE-140, d-545/d-595/x715/d-630 Zoom/FE-120, FE-130, FE-200/mju tough 8000/9000.

Start syncing your camera with a PC today through this data cable. Data transfer rate up to 480 MB/s. Mini usb to usb cable for olympus cb-usB5 FE SP Stylus Series Digital Camera.
Part NumberDA015